When Septic Designs of NH does an inspection for you we won't just show up dig a hole then leave with you wondering why it passed or failed. Before we start we will inform you of the process that we will be doing and why. We will check the septic tank to look for any cracks, where the level of the sewage is in the tank and then check the conditions of both inlet and outlet baffels. we will also check to see whether or not you have a effluent filter in. Then water is then applied to the system from the house to make sure that it is flowing properly. Several areas are picked within the leach field to get an acurate view of what is going on. We will check the soil, rocks, and/or sand to look for any signs of failure or heavy usuage in a certain area. We will show you any results that we find onsite and answer all questions that you may have. A written report can be given to you the next day with all data and pictures. The report can be faxed or emailed as PDF attachments. We will also mail results of the inspection to you.  Payment is due at the time of the inspection.