If you live in an area that does not have city sewer then YES you will need a septic system or other state approved sewage disposal system such as a holding tank.

A Septic System is a system that can effectively manage household sewage and other organic wastes.

Settling and Separation. As sewage and waste enters the septic tank, the solids sink to the bottom of the tank the grease, fats, and oils rise to the surface. The area in the middle of the tank is where “clear” fluid is and leaves the tank to go to the leach field.

Bacteria. There is “good” bacteria in the septic tank. This bacteria breaks down the solids in the septic tank to sludge.

You should pump your tank at least every two to three years. In some cases, it should be pumped out once a year.

Some signs of failure are liquid surfacing in the yard, strong or bad odors, slow flushing, or overflow at washing machine hookup, shower, or toilet.

I strongly recommend NO, not with a septic system. It can shorten the life of the system and certain steps should be put in place in order for a disposal to be installed for use with a septic system.

The number one factor that anyone can do is the proper use of the system. A good rule to use if it hasn’t gone through your body first (excluding toilet paper) it shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or put down the drain.

Minimize or eliminate the use of sink ‘disposal’ units, don’t use water softeners, don’t install structures on top of the system, and don’t do lots of water or laundry in one day; spread it out throughout the week. A good rule for washing machine usage for a septic system is no more than 3 loads a day.

YES! You need a permit no matter where you live in NH and in some areas you need additional permits.

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