Jetting & Main Line Clearing

Septic Designs of NH Septic Systems Pipe and Stone

Jetting & Main Line Clearing

SDNH offers a comprehensive jetting service. Some companies use a hand snake and some companies may use a power snake. These are ok if you want to just punch a hole in a clogged drain, but they don’t really clean out the pipe and are a band-aid fix to the problem. Plus, using a snake won’t help against roots or be 100% effective against grease. With our jetters, we can adjust the pressure and clean the line with the appropriate amount of water. We also have a couple of different hose sizes as well as different types of nozzles. We carry two different types of root cutting nozzles on our trailer to make sure we can get through the roots the best we can and get the pipe clean.

What about grease and oils? Our particular jetter is also a heated hot water jetter. We have a diesel heater that heats the water up. This helps take care of frozen lines and not only clears any grease clogs but also “melts” the grease away. Using a snake will just punch a hole in the grease, but won’t actually thoroughly clean the lines out.

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